Making Sure That You Are A Satisfied Customer

When trying to figure out which St. Louis screen printing company that you want to use on a long-term basis, there’s a whole lot to take into consideration. Somebody once said that you get what you pay for and that certainly holds true. As experience has taught me, cheaper is not always better. For example, what does it benefit someone to save a few dollars on a custom T-shirt order if it happens to be a time-sensitive event and your shirts don’t end up arriving on time? Would it not have been much wiser to pay a few more dollars and have the assurance that not only are you going to receive your product on time, but it’s going to be done well?

When it comes to custom screen printing t-shirts though, we have a protocol that we follow with checks and balances in order to make absolutely sure you are going to like your completed product before they ever actually arrive. For example, no matter how well we set your job up on the press, we are never any better than the actual artwork with which we start. We want to make sure that we start using a graphic that is vectorized and will lend itself to a minimum of 300 dots per inch resolution. Vectorized artwork is considered to be the screen printing industry standard and allows for the image to be blown up to whatever size you want to use without distorting. If you start out with artwork that’s only 4 inches across and you blow it up three or four times that size, then it is going to break up and look distorted if it’s not vectorized.

Next we go the extra mile by providing you with a virtual proof for you to view. This is done to make sure that everything is going to be spelled correctly and laid out exactly where it’s supposed to be. Then once that is approved, we can then start the process of actually setting up two screens. As long as we have time, we will then run the very first t-shirt and take a picture of it and then text it to you if you happen to be an out-of-town customer. However, if you happen to live in St Louis then you are more than welcome to stop on by where we do our production and actually view it in person. This way is actually the preferred method because when it comes to ink colors, every computer monitor is going to be calibrated differently. It might appear different from one monitor to another. We live and die on the repeat customer order as well as their referrals, when it comes to making sure you’re satisfied. oh, we would always rather err on the side of caution. Yes it does make for a lot more added steps and takes a little bit longer but as the saying goes, if you don’t have time to do it right the first time, how in the world are you going to find time to do it over again. Remember us for all your t-shirt printing needs along with custom embroidery and digital applications.

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