Celebrate Your Graduation Party by Wearing A St. Louis T-shirt

Celebrate Your Graduation Party by Wearing A St. Louis T-shirt

Graduation is a really exciting time in every individual’s life. Thus, we all want to wear something which we will cherish for years to come. If you look at the past few years, you will learn that customized digital T-shirts printing has gained popularity. One of the reasons why these tees have become everyone`s favorite is because you get to create your own designs according to the occasion.

You need to explore the right options in order to place your order for your custom tops. Instead of racking your brains to come up with new designs, here are some simple ideas you can take inspiration from and make use of especially during the time of your graduation. All you need is a to contact the right St. Louis custom screen printing company and then you can choose what you what to include in your design such as embroidery or a digital application of your images.

Class of 2020

There are so many possibilities you can think of while working on a T-shirt. If you want to design a top for yourself and your batch mates, you could choose a bright color and then add the phrase ‘Class of 2020’ on the top. Have a St. Louis screen printing and embroidery company prepare your top that will make your graduation event even more memorable. You can add some added frills as well in order to make it look fancy.

Graduation Celebration with family

Get creative by dressing up in a style that’s never been done before, get custom tops made not only for yourself but for your family as well. We all want our family to cheer us on when we receive our degree, so when they come to attend the event, they all can wear those tops. In this manner, they will represent the best fan section at the graduation event, or we can hope so at least.

In order to make these, you can hire a local digital T-shirt printing and embroidery firm to prepare you a top that will make you and your family stand out from the rest and set your selves apart.


Send the graduating class off with this special giveaway because people love wearing something that represents something. Order tops for the whole class and customize the design with your school’s name on the front and class year on the back. You can even put everyone’s names on it as well, this will be like a keepsake that they can cherish forever.

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Celebrate The Next 4th Of July By Wearing A T-Shirt From A St. Louis Custom Screen Printing Company

Celebrate The Next 4th Of July By Wearing A T-Shirt From A St. Louis Custom Screen Printing Company

4th of July is a joyous occasion for us Americans to celebrate with fervor. And why not! It is a time when all of us Americans become united and come together as one and what better way to celebrate in than to go out and watch the fireworks wearing a top that shows your love for your country.

Here are some of the options you can get your inspiration from for the next 4th of July.

A Custom T-shirt with fireworks

No independence day can be celebrated without fireworks. While you plan to go out and watch the fireworks, you can wear your top embossed with firework designs on top of your jeans, or even on a skirt. It will look great with anything you wear.

The Flag Of United States

Put on a top that has the flag of United States embossed on it. Nothing will show your patriotism in a better way than to wear a T-shirt with embroidery done on it in the form of a flag from the very best local St. Louis screen printing company around.

A Picture Of George Washington

Get a St. Louis digital t-shirt printing company to have a picture of George Washington embossed on your top. There is no doubt that your tee will stand out among the crowd.

A Tie-Dye Top

If patterns are more your style, you can opt to go for a customized tie-dye top with the colors of the flag in red, blue and white.

Your Own Personal Messages

You might want to entertain the idea of having a St. Louis embroidery company needlework your very own personalized messages about the way you feel about your country and how important it is to you. You can use the colors from our national flag to give your tee a more festive and appropriate look for the occasion.

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Custom T-Shirts Can Be Your Best Workout Clothes

Custom T-Shirts Can Be Your Best Workout Clothes

When you go to the gym for a workout, it is important you wear the right type of clothes especially those clothes that are suitable to be worn for a great workout. You do not necessarily have to wear expensive workout clothes from a high-end brand. A pair of leggings and a top will just do the trick.

Now, the main question arises, what kind of apparel should you wear?

  1. Soft, Light And Comfortable

Workout clothes must be light and comfortable to wear. While you are exercising, you do not want to feel burdened by the weight of your clothes. A light and airy custom tee shirt is just what you need to wear as you carry out your workout routine and this could normally be found at most any of the many choices of St. Louis digital T-shirt printing and custom screen printing companies in the area.

  1. Keeps Up With Your Style

Just because you are in the gym and working out does not mean you forget about style and fashion. You can still keep up with your sense of style by wearing the right kind of top. Again we would recommend that you seek out a local St. Louis screen printing and embroidery company that can help you find funky and stylish tops to match your style.

  1. Should Be Absorbent

While you are working out, you will sweat like anything. It can be quite nasty to feel the sweat on your body which might take away all the enthusiasm from working out. Hence, hang on to your motivation and enthusiasm by purchasing your super absorbent tops and we would recommend a moister wicking material.

  1. Lasts A While

It goes without saying you will put your favorite workout T-shirt in the laundry every time you come back from a workout. As the top will be washed frequently, it should be made of such sturdy materials that help it lasts while the custom embroidery on it still looks as good as new. Remember that you have a whole lot of different St. Louis screen printing and embroidery companies to choose from. Try and find one that is also capable of digital tee shirt applications as well.

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Nothing Feels Better Than Going To Bed Wearing A Customized St. Louis T-Shirt

Nothing Feels Better Than Going To Bed Wearing A Customized St. Louis T-Shirt

It is extremely important we wear sleeping attire that is best to sleep in. And what better nightwear than a comfy and cozy T-shirt with a pair of pajamas.

Since our physical and emotional health and well-being is strongly connected to our sleep, we must wear comfortable clothes such as a soft pajama top with embellished with custom embroidery in order to make a statement. In today’s busy life, getting adequate hours of sleep is important to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some other options to wear to bed.

Oversized Digital T-shirt Printing on Pajamas

Some people prefer to wear a night suit to sleep that’s three times their size. They find themselves to be more comfortable in loose sleepwear. After a long day of wearing their school uniform or tight uncomfortable work clothes throughout the day, they find themselves looking forward to wearing their oversized screen printing on their sleep ware.

  1. A Cute Top With Custom Embroidery On Matching Pajamas

This comfortable fabric will ensure your peaceful and a well-rested night. Plus, you can show your style and personal expression through your sleeping suit by wearing a smooth feeling pajama top. Going to bed, you can wear whatever you feel like. There are many options you can pair your top with the rest of your sleeping apparel.

  1. An Old Worn-Out Top

Whether it is an old football jersey, or an old top that is close to rags. One of the items a person feels most comfortable in is an old worn-out T-shirt. Some prefer to wear a soft silk top with for the best sleep of their life. During the winters, you can seek comfort by wearing pajamas rather than your capris or shorts to sleep.

Remember that we are a locally based St. Louis screen printing and embroidery company. The next time you are you in the market for comfortable custom sleepwear.

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This Halloween Use A Local St. Louis T-Shirt Printing Company to Make Your Costume

Apart from going trick or treating and getting free candy, the best part about Halloween is getting to dress up in a costume. One that is creative and inventive, at the same time, within your budget.

Well for this purpose, you need to explore the right place. Instead of you racking your brains to come up with the perfect costume, here are some super simple costume ideas you can take inspiration from and make use of. All you need is a white Tee from a local St. Louis screen printing company.

  1. A Mummy

There are endless possibilities you can think of while using a white T-shirt. If you want a traditional, classical look, you could dress up as a mummy. Take some white strips to look like bandages and wrap them all around and over your head and body to scare the day lights out of everybody.

  1. An Ice Cream Sundae

This Halloween, get creative by dressing up in a costume that’s never been done before and dress up as an ice cream sundae. Have a St. Louis custom screen printing company prepare you a top that has colorful sprinkles all over it. Top it with a headband sporting a red ball for a cherry, and you are all set to go trick or treating.

  1. A Mad Scientist

Every other year on Halloween, you see someone dressed as a mad scientist. You may think that it is overdone, but what will make your mad scientist costume different from others is having an amazing digital T-shirt printing company design your garment like no other. You can ask them to apply some custom embroidery for buttons and pockets to make it look just like a lab coat. Mess up your hair, pick up a flask, and you are ready to spook the town. If you really use your imagination along with the right digital T-shirt printing and custom embroidery company, the possibilities are endless.

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Why You Should Get Custom T-shirts Made For Your Workshop

Conducting a workshop, you have a great many things to look at. Not only do you have to worry about the preparation of your presentation, the seating arrangement, the food, you also have to give consideration to providing your participants with digital T-shirt printing that not only serve the purpose for the workshop but also in the future.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a St. Louis screen printing company to design the custom apparel for your workshop.

1. They Are Durable and Tough

You want your participants to wear a custom T-shirt that is of good quality. You also want your guests to wear the tee not just for the workshop, but also later on if they feel so inclined. If the material is durable and tough, your participants will be more than happy to wear what you gave out that day for a long time to come. But if the material is such that it starts to wear out in a few washes, the participant will use it as a rag. The point I’m making is if your not going to give away something that’s appreciated then you might as well just not give out anything at all and just save your money.

2. The Screen Printing Will Last a Good Many Washes

A lot of times when you get a specially made custom garment, you notice that the image or embossed wordings will prematurely start to come off or fade away with the first few washes. That is because some firms do not give priority towards ensuring their clients get top quality results. That is not the case with us. We place the most emphasis on making sure they give the best results to their clients so the embossed designs and words last a good while.

3. They Can Be Customized According To Your Need

If you want to specifically get certain designs and wordings on the tops for your workshop, all you have to do is inform our Columbus Ohio digital t-shirt printing company and we will get the job done as per your wishes. Your satisfaction is their priority. They want you to feel delighted when you present your tops to your participants.

4. Custom Embroidery Can Serve As a Reminder of Your Workshop

After the workshop, you will present your give away’s to your participants as a memento of the workshop. When the embroidery is of good quality, the image will stay for a long time. Your participants will look at your top and reminisce about the wonderful time they had at your workshop.

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How a Custom T-shirt printing Company can help you with Branding

A research states that 76% of Americans felt a more potent emotional connection to a corporation when they came across a custom T-shirt that was advertising their business. This should motivate you to hire a digital printing service provider in St.Louis to design tees with your brand’s logo and tagline. Let’s discuss in more detail how a custom T-shirt printing company can help you market your business.

Reflects well on your business

A good quality garment with an impressive design that consists of fabrics such as silk can really reflect well on potential clients. Whether you use screen printing or direct to garment method, you can get a durable and satisfying result. Embroidery used to display your business’s logo on tees can impress clients, as it shows that you really take investing in marketing your business very seriously. It becomes a symbol and representation of your brand, so it is very important to employ the right service provider in St.Louis for this job.

Event merchandising

If you are planning a sports or any other corporate event like a fundraiser that employees and potential clients can both take part in, custom tees can be made as merchandise, and also help you in marketing. This gives off an extremely professional image, which is very beneficial for the growth of your business. Sports jerseys that are made of polyester or silk with embroidery incorporated in the logo for a sporting event can really boost your company’s image.

A cost-effective way of advertising

Investing into a large stock of personalized garments to brand your company, is not as costly as you would think. Screen printing apparel in bulk will actually save you money on other forms of advertising, and they can also be sent as public relation (PR) packages. Eye catching embroidery will surely wow clients, and they will appreciate your efforts.

Can get people interested

When seeing an impressive silk fabric design that is the result of a good screen printing job, people will surely want to know more about the story behind the tagline and logo. This in turn will start a conversation about your business, which will educate people and be an effective marketing strategy. If they like the digital design, they may want to hire your services or even buy your merchandise!

These are just a few ways of how getting personalized apparel from a service provider in St.Louis to market your business can be a smart and effective marketing strategy. We have been doing this for a very long time and we believe that we have the very best approach when it comes to getting your product on time and for a cost effective price. Keep in mind that by acquiring the very lowest price point in no way ensures that you’re going to get the very best value possible. For example, if you happen to be needing product for an event that is time sensitive and you don’t end up getting them until two or three days after they were required you in no way did yourself any favor by trying to save a couple of dollars.

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Revamp Your Wardrobe with Customer T-Shirts

Revamp your Wardrobe with custom T-shirts

Although your wardrobe has a variety of clothes, you might often opt for a T-shirt though. With the dawn of a new year, why not make some changes in your look? The best place to start is by revamping your wardrobe. Here’s how you can revamp your wardrobe and your look without compromising on comfort.

Dress To Impress With Custom Tees

Our clothes are a representation of our style and personality. What we like, who we admire, you can tell all of this just by looking at one’s top. The biggest advantage you can get when having a custom top made is that it looks exactly like the way you want it to be. You can show your style and preference by wearing your digital t-shirt printing or embroidery on any type of garment, which is bound to go very well for any event or occasion.

Add Embroidery Tees To Your Collection

If you want to flaunt your style, then this is the way to go. Include custom embroidery from a St. Louis embroidery company to your wardrobe so you can convey your own personal style when you go out with your friends to the movies, or maybe to a game. These tops will go well with your pair of nice jeans.

Digital T-Shirt printing Can Be A Great Addition

When you are running late and don’t have time to iron your clothes, this is a good time to wear your silk top with a pair of your favorite coat and pants. This can be worn for any occasion. The best part is its unwrinkled material. You will be saved from the trouble of having to iron your top every time you have to go out. Make sure to add this piece of apparel in your wardrobe this year.

Screen Printing Tees That Will Last Their While

Before you start to argue that screen printing on t-shirts are not worth it because the design starts to eventually fade off, let us tell you this: the work done by from a local St. Louis t-shirt printing company are normally of the finest quality. Even if you wash them for the tenth time, you can still expect them to look as good as new. Our quality is unparalleled to any.

Tee shirts by a St. Louis screen printing company last a long time

Who can blame you if your favorite tee in your wardrobe is over 10 years old? The soft and comfortable material makes you want to never take it off. These tops are a must-have in your wardrobe and much of the time the older the better. That being said, the image has to remain intact even when the item itself starts to wear out.

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Difference between Digital T-Shirt Printing and Screen Printing

Difference between Digital T-Shirt Printing and Screen Printing

The method of the custom Digital T-shirt printing processes differs from one shop to another. However, the two most common methods that every shop generally uses are traditional screen printing and conventional embroidery.

Some folks also refer to this method as silk method, involves creating a film (commonly known as a stencil), and then using a mesh which the ink layers pass through on to the surface of the T-shirt or any material where the design must be applied to. Each stencil is used one at a time and their combination gives the final look of the design.

Modern technology has lent itself to a much newer process that enables you to process your artwork on a computer, which is then directly transferred to the tee or the desired substrate. There is no transfer of heat involved in this process until the very end and the ink is applied directly to the fabric. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in this blog. Let’s begin!


Both methods provide a high level of color vibrancy, especially on the darker surface. The ink used in the traditional old process is much thicker, which allows you to print brighter colors on a darker garments by putting a white under base below the surface. However, the digital printing process is more useful when detailed and precise work is required, such as small logo design as well as applying a grey scale or half tones.


When using the old silk method, the selection of colors can be fairly unlimited as it can be costly to set up for a variety of colors. Conversely, its counterpart allows you to print an unlimited number of colors and gradients you want on your tees as it uses CYMK + white inking process, which is used in conventional office printers. Furthermore, using the latter method also removes color bleeding out of the equation, which ensures a great level of clarity and precision.


In the screen printing process, it may take a long amount of time to complete an order as the stencils need to be created and combined together to achieve the final result, which is a time-consuming process. However, using computer-based four color inking process, the turnaround is extremely fast as there is no setup time required.

Order Size

As we have mentioned previously, the old way of doing things is a tedious and time-consuming process, therefore, you must order a large number of product in order to get a better value for your money. Contrastingly, the latest digital T-shirt printing equipment provides you the flexibility to print in smaller quantities, allowing you to order as low as a single item at a time. It is ideal when you want to print low numbers of different images and designs.

If you are looking for a St. Louis embroidery company, try us as we produce highest quality product in the city which are made using latest technologies that our industry has to offer. What sets us apart from all the other St. Louis embroidery companies is the attention to detail, which results in a superior quality product. Their pricing is so competitive that they encourage customers to check prices from their local competitors.

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Why Hire A St. Louis T-shirt Printing Company For Your Business?

Why Hire A St. Louis T-shirt Printing Company For Your Business?

Almost every business needs custom tees so that they may properly represent themselves and spread the word about their brand. The quality of the personalized T-shirt you get designed and produced can actually be a very important component and determining factor for some folks in whether or not they want to buy into your business. You can also adapt many designing techniques on tees, such as screen printing, embroidery and digital printing. But should be considered when you hire a St. Louis T-shirt printing company for your business? Let’s discuss this in detail.

Expert and Diverse Designing Techniques and Materials Used

Hiring a local St. Louis firm to design apparel for your business will help to project an image of professionalism to your potential clients. Hiring an experienced service provider to make personalized apparel for your brand will help to exude the aura of the competence and efficiency that your business can offer. Selecting various materials, such as cotton or polyester that you choose to design on, along with the proper designing technique you choose, such as screen printing, digital printing, vinyl cutting and embroidery. All methods have their pros and cons, and choosing the method that will accurately present your company in the best way is extremely important.

Personalized Apparel Helps To Form Your Business’s Identity

Custom apparel is a great way to establish your business’s identity. In this competitive age, it is important to help create a unique persona of your business. That also involves the use of personalized clothing items, as they can be a great indicator of your brand, what you do and also makes you easily recognizable amongst your competitors. This involves the materials you use, such as flannel, denim or silk, and also the colors and designs you choose. A local service provider can help to expertly create the look of the apparel that you aim to achieve.

Marketing Tactic

The trend of businesses doing giveaways and sending out PR packages is at an all-time high. In a nice box lined with a silk cloth and enhanced with embroidery used to fill out the edges and also to put your logo on just the wrapping and packaging of your packet is an awesome way to market yourself. It shows that your business is investing into wholesome advertising techniques that are appealing and memorable. Screen printing or digital printing custom tees for your merchandise that you can also give away in competitions and during events, as that item will prove to be a constant reminder to your customers about your business and the way they treat their clients.

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