Value of Good Reviews on Social Media

It takes a long time to build a business and establish an excellent reputation, but it takes hardly no effort at all to destroy it. Social media has made it very easy for people to voice their opinion and share their experience whether it was very pleasant or even a bad one. It’s not always unbiased or even fair. I’ve heard of a guy that went into a Chinese restaurant who was there for less than 5 minutes and then went on to write a terrible review that was not only less than honest, but completely unfair. After the owner of the establishment read the review, he wanted to look into the validity of this person’s claims . He had video cameras set up throughout that place of business and after reviewing the tape, decided he was going to actually call that person up who made that false report and challenge him on it. The owner was not willing to just take this false report, so he then called up the website that the review was given on and pleaded his case in order that he could get his five star rating back.

After our customers come to pick up their T-shirts, we encourage them to share their experience so that other people who are shopping for a St. Louis screen printing company, as well as custom embroidery, can check us out before actually testing the waters. We get the overwhelming amount of our overall workload two different ways, the main way is by repeat customers. We found that it’s three times easier to deal with someone whom we dealt with before than it is with someone who has never used us prior. All we have to do is sell them on pricing. We don’t have to sell them on ourselves or our ability to do a good job because that has already been established on the initial order. The second way we get our new customers is by good referrals. These are people who have a good rapport with the people that just used us and they will ask them something like, would you happen to know a good St. Louis embroidery company? It’s been our experience that if we go about our job the right way and process your job with excellence, then the repeat customers along with the great referrals, are simply going to take care of themselves.

We have a system of checks and balances in order to make absolutely sure that when it comes time to opening up your box of completed product, you are going to be well satisfied and glad that you did business with us. We now have access to the latest equipment that our industry has to offer. So remember us the next time you’re in the market for a St. Louis digital T-shirt printing company. We promise to impress you in order that you keep coming back and tell all your friends. We want to earn your business.

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