Choosing a T-Shirt Printing Company

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We are well aware that we are not the only custom screen printing company in St. Louis. Therefore, we go to great lengths in order to come up with viable solutions towards earning your T-shirt printing and embroidery business. We try to put ourselves in our customers shoes and ask ourselves, "What would we be looking for if we were the ones shopping for the best overall value?"

Number one is price.
We believe that there is no status in overpaying. We strongly recommend that you call up several St. Louis T-shirt printing companies in order to compare apples to apples and know that you're getting the most competitive pricing. Once you have compared our prices to are competitions, then you will be confident that you got the best overall value possible.

Number two would be quality.
Just because something costs less doesn't mean it was a good deal. There is an old saying that reads, "You get what you pay for." If the price you receive when getting your quotes seems too good to be true, then it probably is. We have always taken the approach of addressing each job with the same quality and attention to detail regardless of its size. It's been our experience that if we are faithful in the little jobs, then larger orders will come as a result. We live and die on the repeat order, as well as the referral.

Number three is receiving the job in full and on time.
So many of the orders that we process our time sensitive. It doesn't matter how good they turned out or how competitive the pricing was if they did not arrive on time for a time sensitive event.

Number four would be a screen printing and custom embroidery company that stands behind its work.
Anybody can make a mistake but the difference between one T-shirt company and another is simply the way they handle it.

To sum it up, we know that we are not the only embroidery company in St. Louis. We believe that we have the right approach when coming up with solutions to offset your limited budget and time sensitive projects.