How To Get A Great Embroidery Job

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When it comes to custom embroidery there is a whole lot more to it than just owning the equipment as you need to have an experienced operator behind the machine. Like most everything else in our lives, technology has played a huge part and the evolution of efficiency and the same holds true for our industry. What was considered to be high-end equipment just 10 years ago is now considered to be an outdated dinosaur. Even though a lot of these machines can be set on autopilot once things are calibrated allowing one to walk away instead of having to keep a watchful eye over the application, the finished product is never going to be any better than the person that created the software that tells the computer how to sew it. This person is referred to as the digitizer. An experienced digitizer is very hard to find as it takes many years of experience to be able to throw different kinds of stitches certain ways in order to create the illusion of depth and turn your logo into looking three-dimensional even though it's being applied to a flat surface.

We are well aware of the fact that you have many choices when choosing a St. Louis embroidery company so we realize that we're going to have to do something to create an incentive and set ourselves apart from the rest of the crowd what do you think who are also trying to get your business. One of the ways that we do this, is when it comes to creating that software that I mentioned above, we will also set it up where it will work on finished hats so that in the event you might want to do some hats later on down the line, you won't have to do this over again. The reason I mention this, is unlike flat goods, caps have to be sewn on a radius. It's little things like this that separate us apart from the rest of the St Louis embroidery companies.

Let's talk about t-shirts for a minute, were you aware that all custom t-shirts or not created equal? Some are considerably better than others but none of them are necessarily right or wrong, it's just relevant to what kind of money you are looking to spend and what kind of quality you are looking for. For example, you can have two different tees that are both made of 100% cotton and one feels completely different than the other. The difference could be that one is made of a ring spun and the other is just an ordinary cotton. The ringspun is what is more than not used for clothing lines who are looking for a much softer form-fitting tee. Either one could be decorated with screen printing as well as custom embroidery but the higher the stitch count the more expensive the application is going to be. Give us a call and we would be more than happy to speak with you and find out more regarding what you want to accomplish and work within you're means in order to create a scenario where you are going to be just as happy having us do the work as we are doing it for you.