Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How would I go about getting a quote on some screen printing for my t-shirt project?

It can be done a number of different ways. For example, You can either call us and speak to one of our helpful screen printing staff. Or you can click on our free quote request button and just fill in the necessary information required to give you an accurate quote. You should receive that t-shirt quote with in 24 hours of being submitted.

  • Who is our normal every day clientele?

An every day bid normal request is for on custom screen printing on tee shirts or embroidery on caps, polo shirts or sweat shirts, that might vary from between 1 or 2 dozen to 10000 pieces. We don't really have a set in stone approach., because our customer base is so diverse. We pride our selves in the ability to be flexible. We treat the small tee shirt orders with the same respect and attention to detail as the large tee shirt orders. We realize that the customer who only needs twelve to twenty four embroidered shirts is typically on a very limited budget. Their expenditure is just as important to him or her as a major corporation's massive tee shirt order is to them. We give it the same respect and attention to detail because we know that it's all relative. I believe that this sensitivity to our customers is what distinguishes Sunburst Logo from most other custom screen printing and custom embroidery companies.

  • I see that I have a lot of choices concerning which screen printing company that I want to choose to do my tee shirts. How can I be sure that yours is going to be the correct choice?

First we have a stellar reputation .We have over fifteen years of screen printing experience behind us .In other words, You just aren't going to be around for that length of time if you don't know what you are doing! We apply what is latest state of the art T-shirt screen printing techniques as well as use what is considered to be our industry's finest equipment. This has allowed us to not only print the simple jobs but also cater to the most difficult ones. Many of these t-shirt images are literally pieces of art. We certainly take a lot of pride in our work, ranging from the most complicated of images to the simple 1 color screen printing designs.

  • What does it cost to have a tshirt screen printed?

There are many different variables that are taken in to consideration when we submit a quote for custom screen printing and embroidery. Every screen printing and embroidery job is different from every other.

There are many things that we take under consideration when we put a screen printing and embroidery quote together. We are more then happy to give you a free no obligation quote on your tee shirts and any other type of apparel. Our web site is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Our on line catalog has over 2000 different shirts hats and jackets to choose from. Just send us your art and let us know how many of what item you would like it on. Let us know if you prefer screen printing or embroidery. and we will submit you quote with in 24 hours. Its easy.

  • Am I paying for a screen and if so do I own it once the screen printing or embroidery job is completed?

We do not charge you for a screen. We charge you to develop a film in order to burn a screen. After the job is completed we store the film and can pull it again for use on a future order at know charge. If at any time you would like to have the film we will gladly let you have access to it. This actually results in being much kinder to the environment, opposed to throwing out used screens and filling up land fills, The reorders are simple since we don't have to color separate or reestablish the films.

  • When you submit your quote does your bid also include the t-shirt?

Normally, yes it does. The bid that is submitted does include the tshirt. We would strongly recommend that you just let us provide the tee shirt as well as the screen printing and or embroidery. The fact that we can get the shirt wholesale as well as the fact that we buy thousands of them will most likely result in us providing it for you for equal or less then you could get them on your own. Another reason that we like to provide the tshirts is that in the event of a miss print , we can replace the shirts affordably and easily.If you supplied them then often we cant get them wholesale or some times we cant get them at all.

However, If you would still rather go out and get your own tee shirts, then we can put together a special quote that would be for just the embroidery or screen printing.

  • I have no artistic ability. Would you guys be able to assist me in putting an image together?

Most of the time our customers usually already have the image established. It does how ever some times need to be cleaned up or color separated for screen printing. If you do need help with your art then we can most definitely be of help.Keep in mind that a finished t-shirt is never going to be any better then the art that represents it so good clean art is very important to this process.

  • I put off ordering these tee shirts till the last day before I need them. Can you be of any help?

We will certainly try to help if we can. We offer a 3 or 4 day rush service. Normally an extra rush charge will apply when you are given your quote.

  • How long should I expect my shirts to last?

There are many variables which will determine the longevity of your t-shirt. For example, How often is it washed ? Is there bleach in your detergent ? How often is it worn ? ect.

The most important part of trying to get a good long life span out of screen printing on tee shirts is getting a good cure on the ink when drying it.You some times walk a fine line between scorching the shirt and curing the shirt. Most screen printing inks will cure at 320 degrees.

Embroidery logo's on the other hand will almost always out last the shirt it self.

  • Can I see some samples of your work?

Sure, we will be more then glad to show you tee shirt applications that we have printed for other customers in the past. We would also be more then glad to provide you with an embroidery proof before we begin to start applying your logo your tee shirts.

Go ahead and call me or my staff if there are any questions are concerns that we can help answer. You will be able to speak to a real person because we answer our phones. If buy chance we are on the phone with another customer leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Thanks for the opportunity to potentially work with you!

Mike Fadem 314-374-4408