How We Do It

Shirts on Steroids website is owned and operated by Sunburst logo LLC.

We are a St. Louis T-shirt printing company that specializes in the art of screen printing, custom embroidery and digital applications on textiles and wearable items for well over 200 organizations throughout Missouri and across the Midwest. We have recently expanded our services to also cater to the apparel requirements for Columbia, Missouri.

We understand that when it comes to custom T-shirts, that you have many different choices and we are not the only game in town. Therefore, we have taken many steps towards setting ourselves apart from the rest of the production facilities in our industry. We have done this by trying to put ourselves in the place of our potential customer and asking ourselves, "What is it that we would be looking for in our quest to find the best overall value possible?" The first thing is price. We would want to receive at least three competitive bids and make sure that everyone involved is quoting on the exact same thing in order that we can compare apples to apples.

The next thing is dependability. We want to have confidence that whoever we choose will be able to process our order in full and on time. We prefer to communicate with a real person in order to express our concerns and all of the details that are relevant. This means that we want a real person to answer the telephone when we call and don't want to have to leave a message on a voice mail in hopes that somebody will return the phone call in a timely manner. If no one answers the phone, that is a big red flag right from the start. It makes sense to us that if they don't take your call when they think you're a potential customer, then how much less likely are they to pick up the telephone in the event that there is a potential problem?

The next criteria is quality. We want to work with a St. Louis screen printing company that will submit a virtual example of our artwork before they ever actually go into production. By doing this, we're assured that everything is going to be spelled correctly and laid out exactly the way we prefer it before we actually receive the finished product. At that point, it is not a good time for whomever we chose to work with, to ask us how do we like them. We would want to choose a St. Louis T-shirt printing company who is going to give our order the exact same respect and attention to detail regardless of its size or the amount of money that is being spent. It is our goal to create a scenario where you are going to be as comfortable acquiring your custom embroidery and digital T-shirt printing from us as we are providing it for you.

We live and die on the repeat orders as well as the referrals and we believe that if we do our job correctly, that this will take care of itself for years to come. We follow a strict protocol of checks and balances throughout the entire production process. This helps to ensure that when it comes time for you to open up a box of completed product, that you were going to be well satisfied.

For the finest in digital printing, custom screen printing and embroidery, give us a call. After the order has run its course, you will be glad you did.

Mike Fadem