Answering your business phone

We strongly believe that the most important part of any successful business starts with the very basics like actually answering your telephone when a potential customer is trying to get a hold of you. It is not uncommon these days for you to be transferred to some lame type of voice mail system with several prompts. As a successful St. Louis T-shirt printing company, that is something that I just do not understand. Why in the world would someone not answer the telephone? If you are forced to leave a message, then the chances are that when someone finally gets around to calling you back, that they are going to receive your voice mail and not be able to actually talk to you either. You guys will go back and forth and do this several times before either one of you actually connect to each other. This is commonly referred to as playing phone tag.

A very large percentage of our overall custom screen printing clientele find us on a major search engine. When doing a relevant search and instead of actually going to our website, they preferred to call us. Studies have shown that a person’s attention span when shopping for someone that they would like to do business with is extremely short. If you don’t capture their attention within approximately the first 7 seconds then they are disengaged and looking for your competitors. We actually encourage people to call us. We have experienced that e-mails as well as text messages are an excellent way to keep track of what was discussed as well as agreed upon, but there is absolutely no substitute for being able to have an audible discussion. We want to find out as much about you and your objectives as we possibly can. The more we know about the potential job the better chance we are of coming to an agreement that is going to be mutually conducive to everyone involved.

A lot of the people who reach out to us are entertaining the idea of launching their own clothing line. We deal with this type of application pretty much on an everyday basis. It’s not an easy thing to start, but it is potentially doable. I am a firm believer that knowledge is power, so you need to arm yourself with as much information as you can possibly get since you don’t actually have any on-hand experience in this matter.

There is an old saying that says you can learn a lot from your enemies. This is no exception to the business world and I think there is a lot to be gained by studying your competition. Do a relevant search and see who shows up. Take the time to actually open up their site and look hard at it. There is no coincidence that they happen to be there on top of everyone else. See what they’re doing right and learn from it. Launching a successful clothing line is very comparable to establishing a successful St. Louis screen printing company. Even though they are different, many of the same concepts still apply to each other.

We are now able to cater to digital T-shirt printing, as well as custom embroidery, so please remember us and give us a call when you find yourself eventually in the market for this type of application. We are convinced that we will be able to determine the most cost-effective way to go about doing your particular job and create a strong perceived value in your eyes in order that you choose us over any of the other St. Louis embroidery companies out there.

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