Upselling Bags and Accessories

Many decorators may not think about upselling their typical custom screenprint t-shirt order with custom printed bags or accessories. Say that your customer wants 50 custom silkscreened tee shirts for a family reunion. They only requested a bid for the shirts. However, you know that this family reunion is in the middle of summer and it will be sunny and hot. How easy would it be to upsell to them caps or visors along with the shirts? Just give them a quote on them also. You could actually use this as a one-time promotion for your potential customer. They probably may not think to add these caps or visors, but you are giving them a one-time discount on them. By doing this, your quote may stand out above the rest, simply by offering this promotion to them. The potential customer does not have to take advantage of this offer, but we believe that they will be thankful for the offer.

Caps and bags are like candy at a grocery store checkout. You don’t think you want it or need it, but once you see it, you change your mind and think that you have to have it. In offering these special promotions, you are helping customers before customers even know they need help. You might consider giving your potential customer a sample of an appropriate tote bag, along with the sample shirt. Once they see it with their own eyes, they will see the value. A tote bag or cap is a walking, mobile billboard for companies and organizations. You get a lot of bang for your buck with bags and accessories.

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