Digital Ink Jet T-Shirts

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When ordering tshirts, there are many different methods of getting your image on to the computer screen then on to the T-SHIRT, Once you have submitted your free quote request, we will be able to educate you as well as direct you on what way is going to be the most cost effective method as well as the process that will end up giving you the best finished product. Screen Printing an image is not always the best option.Digital ink jet is another viable option when your tshirt run is in a small run of 12 t-shirts or less and when your image has more then 2 colors.It also works well when your design has tight registration.

If your image is over 2 colors ,the ink jet method will save you the added expense of costly color separations as well as film and screen charges.

Typically we recommend that you would consider the use of digital ink jet application when a logo uses a great deal of half tones and gradients . We also wound recommend it when you are looking to replicate an image from a photo where screen printing just cant reproduce a high enough level of resolution and dot detail. We also recommend digital ink jet applications on small runs of tee shirts of less then 12 at a time. It will save you the expense of color separations as well as numerous screen charges.

  • Will the image on my t-shirt feel like plastic?

No, Our machine uses a water based ink that is actually absorbed in to the pours of the cotton t-shirt. A conventional screen printing ink is made of plastic and sits on top of the shirt. A Digital ink jet application is actually much softer to the touch.

  • Will my finished tee shirt have a rough feel to it?

No. An ink jet application is very smooth to the touch.

  • How long will an ink jet application last compared to a normal screen printing application?

An ink jet application will usually tend to last longer then garment itself. It will hold up fine through lots of washings.

  • Are the colors going to be as bright if I go with an ink jet?

Yes they will, Our machines use a very opaque water based ink with the latest CMYK pigment technology,This will ensure an impressive, vivid finished print on every white shirt every time.

  • Do you have any ink jet jobs that you have done for other customers that I can view?

Of course, we have hundreds of ink jet tshirts that we have done for other customers.

  • In the past I have seen some screen printing that was cracked. Should I be at all concerned about the ink jet application cracking?

No , You should not be. Our ink jet printer uses a commercial grade water based ink that is much less prone to cracking. We usually recommend using an ink jet print for those much more difficult jobs.

  • Am I able to see some examples of ink jet printing that you have done for other customers in the past?

Yes, We would be more then happy to show you some samples of jobs that we have done in the past.

  • How much does it cost?

Every job is bid on an individual basis. Every piece of art work is unique unto it self . Depending on the volume , the color of the t-shirts and how many sides of the tee shirt is going to be printed all is taken in to consideration when submitting your quote.

To sum it up, an ink jet application most certainly has it place when trying to cater to a small run of tshirts as well as when a large amount of colors are needed. It last every bit as long as normal screen printing does and it is very soft to the touch.