Shirts on Steroids Testimonials

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"I'm a St.Louis business owner who was more than just a little bit impressed with how simple they made the entire process. I just went on their site and then I picked out what t-shirt style I preferred, I clicked free quote request and filled in the questions. I had my quote within an hour. They gave me a great price on both my screen printing and my embroidery. I never realized that getting a t-shirt bid or placing a screen printing order could be any simpler. T-shirts On Steroids has really streamlined the process. I will definitely continue to use them again next year."

"These guys could not have made it any easier. The whole process was conducted from my kitchen table. I simply went on their online catalog and found a couple of different styles that I thought looked nice. They went the extra mile by providing me with a sample of the shirts that I had picked out. They educated me that just because it looks good on my website does not necessarily mean that you're going to like it when it's on your back. In order to buy a shirt, you need to actually pick it up and feel it. You also need to try it on in order to make sure it fits properly. This is something that just cannot be done from a picture. They have a wide variety of wearable items ranging from low end disposable garments to very high end name brands. Even the low end items look good in the picture. Once we worked out a price that was equally good for each of us, I went to their online payment and proceeded to submit my down payment. They use PayPal as their credit card processing company. I mentioned that I did not have an existing account and they informed me that I didn't need one."

"About a day and a half later I went to check my e-mail and noticed that they had sent me a virtual proof of my image on the T-shirt that I requested. They told me that this was to make sure that everything was just as it should be before they ever started to digitize the logo. I asked them if they could make the image a little larger and within 20 min., I had version 2 of the revised virtual proof."

"I thought it looked good so I e-mailed them back to start the job. One day later I went to check my mail and received a sew out of the finished logo on a same color swatch material. Inside the envelope, next to the swatch was a note that said this: when you open up the box of completed shirts, that is not a good time to ask how you like them. At that point they are finished and there's nothing that can be done. Even though their protocol might have seemed redundant, I appreciated the fact that they would rather error on the side of caution."

"I don't impress easy but I certainly appreciated them taking the extra time and effort in order to make sure that my order was going to be processed to my liking."

"After e-mailing them to proceed with the production process, I received my T-shirts about three days later. When I went to open up the box of completed tee shirts there were no surprises. The completed T-shirts were an exact representation of the swatch that I had received earlier. The entire process could not have gone any more efficiently, from receiving my quote to the delivery at my house."

"Whether you are looking to acquire custom embroidery or custom screen printing in the St.Louis area, Shirts On Steroids would be a great choice."